Bob Williamson

'Til Death Do Us Part  - Or Does It?


The tomb of King Duarte I and his Queen, Leonor of Aragon, located in the Monastery of Batalha in Portugal.


A few years ago a good friend began talking about his past lives experiences. I was a skeptic but I found that every time I brought it up with other people I got a nervous laugh and then people opening up. The purpose of this website is to gather information about past life experiences.

You'll find the introduction to the first book in the Royal Summers series at the The Bride Wore A White Bikini tab. I've also added, in the Six Feet Six In Heels tab, the first chapter of the second book. 


If you have an interesting Past Life experience you'd like to share, send me an email to bob @ bob-williamson . com.

The Bride Wore A White Bikini - the first book in the Royal Summers, Party Planner and Private Eye Series